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Criminal charges in Florida range from the simple charges like an open container violation through Murder. Although some charges might not seem so serious, all criminal charges should be treated with dilligence and defense.

It seems simple to just walk in and plea but when you do that, you are admitting to a criminal violation. There was a time when people cared whether you plead nolo contendre or guilty, but not anymore. A conviction is a conviction and mosty do not care the circumstances. But why would anyone just plea guilty. Get a criminal defense lawyer to stand with you and see if yoru case can be beat.

I have been practicing law since 1998 and I am always amazed at the amount of comlpications that arise because of a plea to a simple crime years ago. At one time a simple battery charge was always a misdemeanor and a theft charge, under a certain dollar amount, was likewise a misdemeanor. It used to be a driving on a suspended license was a misdemanor. Over time these past truths changed. A thrid battery is now a felony, and a third dwlsr is also a felony. Poeple who once pelad to these charges because it was simple now face greater penalties if they are again convicted. DUI's are the same.

If you are charged with a criminal offense, no matter the seriousness, call an experienced and aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer. Call us. 727-723-1616 or 813-855-7788. I do not take all cases that come in for a consultation but we cabn have an honest discussion about your case, and whether I think I can help.

I handle all cases except animal abuse cases.