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Updated Jnauary 21, 2011

Organized Dealing in Stolen Property and Accessory after the Fact Burglary: Client facing potential 35 year prison sentence. It was allged that my client was found in a home loaded with stolen property. One of the Officers testifed it was a "Poor mans Best Buy". Client Allegedly confessed two different times to two different officers as being the person responsible for unloading and organizing the stolen property and it was also his job to sell it. A camera from one of the burglarys was located in his pocket. Jury Retirned a NOT GUILTY verdict to Organized Dealing in stollen porperty, Dealing in Stolen Property, Accessory after the Fact. Client was convicted of a lesser of theft and was sentenced to 60 days, time served.

Aggravted Assault with Firearm and Felon In Possession of Firearm: Client was facing 30 years in Prison. It was alleged that Defendant pulled a firearm on his neighbor and threatened to kill him. Not GUilty Verdict.

Resisting Arrest Without Violnece: Client was facing 1 year in County Jail. Cleint was accused of failing to stop when the police were behind him with their overhead lights activated. It was further alleged the police instructed the client multiple times iwth multiple commands and he refused causing him to be tasered. Jury found Client Not GUilty


Attempted Murder: Client charged with 2 counts of attempted Murder. Client facing 20 years minimum mandatory under 10-20-life. after a 4 day trial Jury retunred not guilty verdict.

Drug Offenses:

Trafficking in MDMA (ecstacy) Possession of cocaine, possession of Alprazolam: Client facing 40 years in prison. Client was stopped in a car he was a passenger in. His bookbag was searched and items located within. We filed and argued motion to suppress the search and seizure of the bag and client which was granted. Case was dismissed.

Trafficking in Cocaine: 
Client facing 30 years . The day before trial the state offered to reduce the charges for a lighter prison sentence (two years versus 30 years).Charges reduced.

Sale and Possession of Cocaine: 
Client facing 20 years in prison. Client was accused of a hand to hand drug sale to an informant. Client was acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty

Sale and Possession of Cocaine: 
Client facing 20 years. Client was accused of selling drugs to undercover police. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty

Possession Of Cocaine: 
Client facing 5 years prison. The car Client was in was searched and police found cocaine on Client. We filed a motion to suppress which was granted, excluding the evidence against Client. Case was dismissed.

Possession of cocaine:
Client facing 5 years prison. Cocaine found in car during search of vehicle. We filed a motion to suppress evidence which was granted. Case was dismissed.

Possession of Cocaine: Client facing minimum 9 years prison because of prior record. Police stopped Client for driving on suspended licence. The car was searched after the stop and cocaine was found. We filed a motion to suppress the cocaine. The State made an offer of 90 days work release in lieu of motion.

Sale and Possession of Heroin: Client facing 20 years. The evidence included supposed taped telephone conversations of client, heroin wrapped in phone bill with Client’s address, a video tape of alleged transaction, and buyer of heroin testified against our Client. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty

Trafficking in Hydrocodone: Client facing 30 years, 25 year minimum mandatory. Client was alleged to been passing forged prescriptions for hydrocodone. Client was arrested when attempting to pick up prescription and made many incriminating statements. After negotiations the state offered a below minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years.

Violent Crimes:

Burglary with Battery: Client was accused of road rage where the allegations was that for no reason the Cleint got out of his car at a red light and reached into another car and choked the passenger. The car behind them had a front row seat and she testified against my client. Client facing life if convicted. Not Guilty on Burglary Battery, jury convicted of misdemeanor assault. Sentenced to fine and court cost.

Attempted Kidnapping: Client accused of attempted kidnapping. After a long battle the State filed a Nolle Prosequi and dropped the charges.

Attempted Murder: Client accused of having a friend come over, with whom he was fighting over a girl, and then without provocation shot him with a shot gun. Case Dismissed

Home Invasion Robbery: Client accused of breaking into a home where he knew the occupants and robbing them at gun point. Facing 30 years prison. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty.

Attempted Murder: Client was charged with attempted murder for being involved in a drive by shooting. Client allegedly left bar after an altercation with several people then drove by victim and supposedly shot victim. After extensive depositions were taken the prosecution was abandoned. Case Dropped.

Aggravated Battery: Client was accused of shooting into a crowd at a street party. Client allegedly left party after fight, then returned with a gun and started shooting, hitting two people. Client was facing 25 years minimum mandatory under 10-20-life statute. Offer 15 years. Motion for JOA granted Case Dismissed after State rested during Jury Trial

Armed Robbery: Client facing 30 years. Client was charged with armed robbery. He was accused of pointing a gun, later determined to be a BB gun, behind the head of a salesman at a convenience store and demanding money. He also took beer and a pack of cigarettes. Offer was 15 years prison as a PRR. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty.

Armed Robbery: Client facing 30 years. Client was accused of robbing an AT&T store. Testimony at trial was that a bag similar to the one used in the robbery was located in the car the client was a passenger in as well as money in the glove box. Driver of car testified against Client. Offer was 15 years prison. Found Not Guilty by jury.

Armed Robbery and Petit Theft: Client was charged with robbing a taxi driver. The Client allegedly had the driver take him to several locations before pulling a gun on him and taking money. Police were immediately called and located Client. Taxi driver identified Client as robber. Offer was 10 years prison. 
Jury found Not Guilty of robbery, guilty of petit theft. Sentenced time served.

Aggravated Fleeing to Elude and Driving on a suspended license: Client was accused of fleeing from police at high speeds after they attempted to stop him for a traffic infraction. Offered 5 years prison and faced 20 years. Found Not Guilty by Jury

Aggravated Fleeing To Elude: Client facing 5 years in prison. It is alleged he drove several extra houses before pulling over for police. Jury found Client Not Guilty

 Sex Crimes:

Sexual Battery: Client was accused of picking up woman and offering her a ride. He allegedly beat her and then raped her. DNA evidence was presented. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty

Sexual Battery: Client accused of raping women. DNA evidence was presented. Client acquitted by a jury. Not Guilty

Sexual Battery on Disabled Adult: Client facing Life. Client accused of holding a person with a physical disability till she passed out then rapped her. Facing 30 years prison. Found Guilty of Attempted Sexual Battery. Sentenced to 10 years prison as a Habitual Felony Offender. Appeal Pending

Lewd and Lascivious Molestation: Client accused of molesting his girlfriends minor daughter Several page handwritten confession by Client to police.. 
Not Guilty Trial

Lewd and Lascivious Molestation: Client accused of molesting girlfriends child. Facing 15 years prison. Found guilty of misdemeanor battery, sentenced to one year jail. Post trial motions filed and sentence reduced to time served. .

Lewd and Lascivious Molestation and Lewd and Lascivious exhibition: Client facing 30 years. Client accused of climbing through window of bedroom where two girls were staying. Allegedly had sex with one in front of the other. Jury found Client Not Guilty

Sexual Battery: Client accused of sexual battery on child: Facing life. After Preparing for trial Negotiated plea to reduced charge of misdemeanor battery, 1 year jail.

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