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The Tager Law Firm, P.A. was started by Attorney Robert Tager who is a member of the Florida Bar since 1998, and is licensed to practice in all state courts of Florida. He is also licensed to practice and appear in the Federal Middle District of Florida and the Federal 11Th Circuit Court. He is a member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Clearwater Bar Association. 

Attorney Tager is a native to Florida and is a 2nd generation Criminal Defense Attorney. His father, now retired, practiced law out of Ft. Lauderdale. Attorney Tager grew up in the Ft. Lauderdale courthouse spending countless days watching his father and other great lawyers practice law, motions and trials,  and knew from an early age he also wanted to fight for people who were accused of crimes.  

After graduating from Florida Atlantic University, and twice being elected as Vice Presdient of the Student Body Robert began Law School at Nova Southeastern University where again he was elected to serve the students but as their President of the student body. During law school, he was also actvive in Moot Court and Trial Competitions. Robert's first actuall trial experience was during his summer internship at the Public Defenders office in Fort Lauderadle, where he tried beofre a jury 2 different DUI trials and received two acquittals. After graduating law school he sat for the bar exam and took a position with the Public Defenders office in Hillsborough County.

Attorney Tager began in Juvenille where he tried many trials before the judge. (Juvenile trials do not include a jury). He took to trial all types of cases from Sexual Batterys to misdemeanor drug possessions and violations of probation. In short time he was elevated to misdemeanor where his primary focus was on defending Driving Under the Influence ( DUI ) cases. He tried many of them successfully including refusals, double refusals, low blows, blows over a .20 and dirty urines. He honed his skills  arguing pretiral motions to suppress and Motions in Limine. He also successfully argued motions to dismiss. He was soon elevated to a Felony Division and was also one of two lawyers in Major Crimes.

In the Felony Divisions, Attorney Tager continued to practice and hone his skills at drafting and arguing motions to suppress, dismiss, and in limine. He defended at trial DUI manslaughters, DUI with serious Bodily Injury and felony DUI's. He also tried other cases including sex crimes, crimes against police, weapons and robberies, and others. An additional part of Attorney Tager's caseload was all felony DUI's and Worthless Check Cases. Many of these worthless check cases involved "paper hangers" such as forged instruments, kitting, and other economic crimes. In the major crimes division he was involved in much more expansive cases involving long paper trails. Eventually, Attorney Tager went to the Public Defenders office in Pinellas County.

At the Pinellas Public defenders office, Robert successfully tried many felony cases including Sexual Batterys, DNA cases, armed robbery cases, drug offenses (possessions and also sales) and Lewd and Lacivious activity to name a few.  He was quickly seen as a lawyer that would take to trial any case, no matter how bad the facts were, and sometimes won or got a lesser guilty verdict. He continued to strenghten his skills at drafting and arguing motions to suppress and dismiss. He acted a mentor to new or less experienced or skilled lawyers and would sit second chair when needed. Robert was so dedicated to defendning people that when he left the Public Defenders office to start his own practice he kept some of the cases he was working on and went to trial for free for the client.

In private practice, he was initially in a partnership with another lawyer. While in the beginning stages of private practice, Attorney Tager focused primarily in Pinellas County and Federal Criminal Defense. He again tried numerous cases including sexual batterys, capital Sexual Batterys, Drug trafficking, drug sales and possessions, robberies, and all other types of crimes imaginable. He has also challenged confidential informants and law enforcement on many drug cases. He continued to draft and argue motions to suppress and dismiss, and fights for all clients regardless of how strong the appearance of guilt was. He even took to trial in Pasco county a Lewd and Lascivious case with a 5 page handwritten confession in which that Defendant was found not guilty.

In March of 2009 the partnership ended and Attorney Tager began the Tager Law Firm, P.A. He continues to zealously and aggressively fight for his clients. He once thought of applying to become a Prosecutor in order to use that as a marketing tool and to be able to advertise, "Former Prosecutor".  However, his heartfelt belief and dedication to the accused would not have permitted it. Attorney Tager defends poeple accused of all crimes, whether State or Federal. He does it with his, heart and mind. He is not affraid to fight the most hideous of cases and is frequently in Division M where the habituial offenders, prison releasee reoffenders, and 10-20-life cases are usually prosecuted. He has even successfully defended cases in that areana.

Attorney Tager is a lawyer who does what he loves because it is what he believes in. (The successes make it all the better )

Best of Luck in Your Pursuits.