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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges, Florida or Federal, are serious and need to be treated seriously. There are things that you can do to help your criminal defense lawyer fight your case. It is imperative to have a lawyer that you trust and that does not judge you. I see and hear it all the time. Defendants professing their innocence, defense lawyers cross examining their own clients. Defending a criminal case takes an experienced defense attorney and an active client that wants to help in their defense. The matter of guilt or innocence is for the Jury to determine, not the defense Lawyer.

Many people do little to help themselves. They hire the cheapest criminal defense lawyer and then expect miracles without being actively involved. Other arrested and charged people are actively involved in their criminal case and help their defense lawyer represent them. Here are some basic things you can do to help your self:

  1. DO NOT get arrested or pick up new charges while out on bond. If you violate conditions of bond you will likely be incarcerated until your case is resolved.
  2. Dress appropriately when you come to court. No shorts, t-shirts, or flip-flops. You do not have to wear a suit or dress but dress in a manner to make a good impression.
  3. Be prepared to give your attorney names, addresses, phone numbers of any witnesses you have or that were present. If you do not have all this information, provide as much information as you can.
  4. DO NOT discuss the facts of your case with anyone except your lawyer, or prospective lawyer. Communications between you and your lawyer are priviliged and the defense lawyer has the obligation to keep it confidential.
  5. DO not talk about your case to parents, siblings, friends, people in jail, over the phone, facebook, twitter, ANYONE. Anyone you speak to can be called to testify about what you said. COnsider everything that you say being presented to the jury.
  6. Answer the questions your defense lawyer asks you truthfully. If you are not comfortable answering the question then say so. Never LIE to your lawyer. In my opinion you are better off not answering a question then lying about the answer.
  7. Let the lawyer know about anything that might be important that was not discussed.
  8. Return your lawyers calls.
  9. Take photographs of any injuries you have.

Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney

I have been practicing criminal defense since 1998. My record and experience speaks for itself. I am a defense lawyer at heart and believe in the calling of defense work. I am not one of many lawyers in a firm with experience in contracts and now beginning to defend DUI and Criminal Charges. I understand that sometimes people get involved in stuff they never meant to, or things just got out of control, or that they are wrongly accused, or they were set up. I have seen it all. I have seen very sucessfull people accused of bad things and have had clients with very long criminal records wrongly accused. The one truth to the criminal justice system is that the criminal penalties are harsh and long lasting.

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You are probably nervous and unsure of what to expect. You have a lot of questions about your situation, everyone always does. Questions such as what is going to happen next, what is the process, will I be sentenced to jail or prison, how will a conviction effect my life, what should I do to help myself, what are the collateral consequences if I am convicted?

Part of the scariest part of being charged or arrested is not knowing the process, what to expect in court, and not knowing general stuff to get you through this trying time. 

Here are some general topic articles that might help you.